About the photographer

Thanks for visiting my website! I’m a self-taught photographer. My photographic journey is packed with plenty of trial, error and success. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting many professional models, but my speciality is working with ordinary people in front of the lens.

I offer a lot of guidance and give you plenty of room to find your own creativity. I would love to hear what you’re dreaming up, and I’m happy to brainstorm with you to create the best photos.

The e4photography is not a business. You can call it a part-time hobby-business because I love photography and people. Also, photography is not the only income I depend on.

Even though my rates are moderate, my standards are high, both technically and ethically.  If I don’t feel I’m the right photographer for your needs, I will tell you upfront.  If I promise to keep your images private, then that is precisely how it works.

Questions are welcome if you want to know more!

Last updated: July 2021